Green Party Candidate for Simcoe—Grey

As an entrepreneur in publishing, education and music for the past 25 years, Sherri Jackson knows a fairer economy is the path to a brighter, more sustainable future. She will usher in a new era of heart-centered politics focused on cooperation, sustainability and integrity. She is committed to protecting our natural resources, and believes that clean water, air and soil are fundamental human rights. She is honoured to be selected as Simcoe-Grey's Green Party candidate, and hopes to represent this outstanding region in Ottawa.

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Canada has changed in the last decade, and we need to work together to take our country back.

When we elect Sherri Jackson as our Member of Parliament, she will be free to work with all parties to:

  • Safeguard our natural resources by creating comprehensive legislative protections for our freshwater, farmland and wetlands

  • Help communities reduce their carbon footprints by subsidizing green retrofits for households and small businesses, and investing in family farms that practice sustainable agriculture

  • Empower the next generation by investing in early education, childcare and the social services that young families need to thrive 

  • Create good, local jobs by stimulating the green technology and sustainability-focused sectors that will soon dominate the global economy

  • Significantly reduce Canada’s national emissions by ending fracking and eliminating government handouts to the fossil fuel industry

Sherri Jackson is gathering votes from people of all political stripes, and with momentum on her side it's looking very good for a Green win here in Simcoe—Grey.


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 Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada


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